Postage Rates For Non-Profits

non profit postage ratesPostage Rates
Are Reasonable For
Non-Profit Organizations

The Direct Mail Program from ChurchMax allows you the freedom to:
place your project in the mail locally or
have ChurchMax deliver your project to the post office.

While many churches choose to handle the coordination of addressing and mailing their postcards or other direct mail items internally, the option to have a turnkey service of addressing and coordinating your mailing with the post office can save you time.

Rates do vary.

If you handle the delivery to the post office, you will pay the freight. If you are mailing over 5,000 pieces on a regular basis, you will find it easier and more cost effective to place the project in the mail at your local post office.

Delivering the material to your local post office may also allow for better timing of your mail delivery.

The ADVO mailing list we sell qualifies for the “enhanced” rate from the post office. Give your local post office the size of the card and the quantity you are mailing, and they can give you an approximate cost of postage.

Your church or ministry probably already has a permit to mail “nonprofit standard mail” which should give you the best lowest rate.

Your mailing will need to meet some strict guidelines. You will need to mail at least 200 at a time, and your mailing must be in the zip code and carrier route order and tied or bundled in a manner acceptable to the post office.

If your church does not already have a permit to mail “non-profit standard,” you will need to secure a permit.

Current rates for postcards are between 9.1 cents and 14 cents each at non-profit rates.

You can also mail a flyer to every household in your neighbored through our “Marriage Mail program.” This service has distribution as low as 10 cents for each piece, including postage, mail service, printing, and coordination.

Now, the United States Postal Service offers Every Door Direct Mail. This program offers a non-profit rate.

Additional details on this program are available by contacting ChurchMax or you can Complete a request form for information and one of our customer service representatives will get back to you immediately with all the details.

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