Message on Hold For Churches and Ministries

message on holdProvide Information While Callers Are “On Hold”

In an ideal situation, you would never place a person who calls your church or ministry “on hold” –especially for a long period of time. However, there are simply times when you must do so, perhaps because you need to find additional information or you have to transfer them to another person.

Wouldn’t it be nice to offer information of value to the person who is waiting or to thank them for holding? Now you can with our message-on-hold program.

Our message-on-hold program is a professionally produced program that includes both the script and production along with a digital device to implement the program. You can customize the script for your church or ministry to include:

Blue  Information on worship times or special events
Blue  Directions to your location
Blue  Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
Blue  A “Thank you for holding” message

More information on our Message On Hold products, or to place an order .

Our message on hold Equipment works on most business phone systems. If you can currently play the radio through your phone system – our equipment will work with your system. If you are in doubt, look for a jack on your phone equipment labeled “MOH” or “Music.”

The equipment is basically “plug and play,” and installation is easy. You can change messages as often as you like. Just place a new cassette in the unit and it is converted to a digital message.

The message can run up to three minutes and will continually repeat.

Our equipment is guaranteed by the manufacturer for one year.

This is not a voice mail system. Callers hear the message only when they are placed “on hold.”