ID Control Bracelets / Wristbands For Churches or Ministries

Event wristbands or ID control bracelets help regulate exclusive events where security is important, like church or youth camps, Bible schools, concerts or other events. Once fastened, these custom bracelets are virtually impossible to transfer to someone else. Our event bracelets are there to stay until you cut them off! Print your church or ministry name and message on these bracelets or wristbands bracelets for added security and id control.


Id Control Bracelet for Church Eventscolors for id control bracelets

Our ID control bracelets/ wristbands come in two styles — viny bracelets l (shown above) and the Tyvek paper wristbands  (shown below)  They can be ordered with or without an imprint.

one day bracelets for church eventsone day bracelet colors

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