Church Marriage Mail

An Economical Way To Reach Your Community

At ChurchMax, we’re always looking for ways to help your church or ministry reach people in your community with your message.

We’ve recently made arrangements with the major “marriage mail” or “shared mail” programs to carry inserts for our clients.

Church Marriage MailMarriage Mail for Churches

The Facts about a Marriage Mail Program

Reasonable Rates
Some marriage mail providers will require the approval of copy in advance.
You can target your community by zip code.
Your mail is addressed to a resident or occupant and you must send an entire zip code (or a portion of a zip code).

Details on the Marriage Mail Program From ChurchMax

You must print 20,000 Inserts (with the same copy) to qualify for this program.
You do not have to mail 20,000 inserts at one time, but you do have to mail at least one zip code. In some markets, you can select a portion of a zip code — such as north, south, east or west.
ChurchMax handles all production, layout, design, and coordination.This service is not available in all areas. Distribution may be weekly, biweekly or monthly in some markets.
A variety of formats from flyers to postcards are available.

Additional details on this program are available by contacting ChurchMax or you can Complete a request form for information and one of our customer service representatives will get back to you immediately with all the details.

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