Christian Speakers and Entertainers

Looking for a Christian speaker or entertainer for a church banquet or special events?

Here is a list of popular Christian speakers and entertainers.

Ginger Robinson is a motivational speaker, consultant, educator, and humorist. An elementary school counselor and past “teacher of the year” in Louisiana, she teaches Life 101 to adults.  Based in Fort Worth, Texas. Add a little “spice” to your next meeting with Ginger!

Dennis Swanberg is a Christian comedian and entertainer. If laughter is truly the best medicine, then Dennis Swanberg, America’s “Minister of Encouragement” is just what the doctor ordered. With his own down-home charm and hospitality this Austin, Texas-born pastor-turned-comedian has won the hearts of audiences across the country. If you want Dennis for your meeting, you need to book early as he is demand.

Bruce Chadwick a full-time Christian Illusionist and Sleight-of-hand Artist who specializes in using his talents to work evangelism and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Bruce has performed stage illusions for over three and a half decades and professionally since 1980. He leads church crusades and presents his programs at various church-related
events. By using illusion effects as visual aids and illustration tools to enhance a verbal presentation of the Gospel, Bruce’s programs are a unique way to capture the interest of lost persons and communicate to them in an intriguing way the wonderful Good News of Jesus Christ.

Randy Mac is a Christian speaker/entertainer based in Glen Rose, Texas. For several years he was the voice of “PawPaw Mac’ with Jon Rivers and his “Morning Gang” on KLTY in Dallas, Texas. It’s been said that laughter is great medicine, and you’d have a hard time finding anyone who believes that any more than Randy Mac. He is a master at clean comedy and a talented musician as well. His motto? “Life’s an adventure.” Not only does he live it up… he does his best to encourage others to do the same. According to Randy Mac, “If laughter is great medicine …. the doctor is in the house!”

Karen McCracken is Christian Inspirational Speaker and humorist who speaks mainly in the Eastern and Southern parts of the U.S. and Canada but will go almost anywhere asked.  She speaks on specifically on topics for Women and Teen Girls, along with Family Safety and nonviolent self-defense.

Max Ruppe performs basketball handling shows consisting of dribbling, spinning, ball handling drills, and audience participation and shares his testimony. Max was a three-time Guinness Book of World Record holder in the late 1980’s and ’90.

Dan Meyer is a Christian inspirational speaker/entertainer and comedian, best-known as the world’s ONLY Christian Sword Swallower! A multi-Guinness World Record holder and Ripley’s Believe It or Not for sword swallowing underwater in a tank of sharks, and finalist on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, Dan is known as one of the top professional sword swallowers performing full-time around the world.

Geddy the Gecko performs 15 different Christian shows at churches nationwide. After each show,Super Geddy break dances upside down. Optional Gospel presentations and “How to Share Your Faith.”

Friends By Grace is a Southern Gospel Trio from Midlothian, Texas.


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